My first meeting with Steve revolved around some parts purchases and we wound up spending extra time talking about the hobby. I had a car in restoration at another shop at that time and eventually realized that I had one of the "horror" stories you read about on my hands. My original restoration shop did not know what they were doing and only adept at picking my pocket while doing very little work. Steve and I tag teamed a project resue and had my car out of there on the rotisserie, heading to Michigan. I could go on and on, but here is the bottom line.

 Last shop - 3 years and endless dollars on body alone (done incorrectly). Steve's shop - the old body work completely taken off (it was a rust free car in the first place), Motor (built,dynoed, installed), Transmission (built dynoed, and installed), and rear-end, (rebuilt and installed) in 40 days flat!

Steve regularly communicates with his customers, asks their opinions and wants / needs and prepares a photo libary every step of the way.

This is how a shop should operate!

Brian P. Sleicher '70 Challenger RT/SE (Westville, IN)

In 2002, I was attending the Year One Bristol Bash, at Bristol TN. Thunder Valley. I could not believe my eyes when I seen a 1980 Yenko Malibu pull in on a trailer. That was when Steve and I met for the 1st time. The car was FANTASTIC and I tried to buy it, but it was not for sale. I told Steve to contact me if he ever changes his mind. Long story short about 1 year later I bought the car. Steve and I then built a relationship which is still strong today. The quality of the creative Malibu was so outstanding I had him restore several other cars, including 3 Camaros, 2 Novas,Trans Am, and some engine swaps. 

Steve's work is always outstanding with great attention to detail.

I highly recommend him.


Donald Werner (Spruce Pine, NC)

Classic Car Restoration was referred to me by a friend. My dad bought a '66 Ford 7 Liter brand new, which was in need of a restoration. We had the car in a couple shops but for various reasons it never got completed. Steve took on the job and got the car done. About a year after, we decided to make upgrades to the engine and drivetrain and took it back to Steve. His experience, attention to detail are #1.

Sam Taylor (Muskegon, MI)


The first time I met Steve was when I bought a very nice 1972 Chevy pick up from him that he restored himself. That was about 1994. After enjoying the truck for approximately 10 years. I received a call from Steve wanting to buy the truck back. I sold it back to him and we have remained good friends ever since. In 2004, I began my own restoration of my '55 Chevrolet Belair. Steve provided me with much needed tips regarding restoration of the body, installation of a LS1 engine, and paint application. I have spent time at his shop and continue to be impressed with his high level of perfection for the work he does.

 I would rate Classic Car Restoration LLC as a very high quality restoration shop.

John Eaton (Bay City, MI)

I was in the process of having my '69 Chevelle fully restored when the company went out of business. I met Steve and told him the situation, he said no problem. The car was painted but only a shell, parts, nuts and bolts were not labeled just put in cans or boxes. Steve knew where everything went I was so impressed to see everything neatly organized in his shop. He finished the car in a timely fashion and I highly recommend him.

Chris Harding (Muskegon, Mi)