Classic Car Restoration LLC believes in a simple, down to earth, common sense approach to every restoration project. CCR is a small shop which provides big results. We pride ourselves with the ability to stay on task, generally with 3 - 5 vehicles in process at any given time.

CCR is a one stop shop for body, interior, and drivetrain. Also providing modern drivetrain swaps.

We have rescued and completed several vehicles from "Body" shops where the vehicle was considered a "filler" job, never to see daylight again. CCR sets daily, weekly, and monthly goals striving to achieve them. On occasion when we don't, we look at how to improve our process. Car restoration is a process and like every process, Continuous Improvement can be applied. For example an essential step in every restoration is parts on hand, required parts need to be forecasted and ordered 1 - 2 weeks or more prior to needing them. Waiting on parts is a waste of time, which interupts the process.

We also pride ourselves with a common sense approach to repairs. A repair method can be evaluated with the customers input to decide on the best method. Example, a replacement part can often be far less expensive than repairing the original.

Myself and my helpers have well over 100 years combined experience. I have been working on and restoring cars over 30 years. My Dad was a body man, so at an early age of 14, I was painting cars. The first one was in the driveway on a calm day, I learned a lot on that project! From there I have owned several 1st Generation Camaros, GTO's, Mustangs, Trucks, etc etc. Drag racing, car shows, and mud bogging were my passions. After high school I completed Vehicle Body Technology Program at Oakland Community College. I worked in a couple body shops, then decided to pursue an Engineering Degree, which I did complete to receive a Bachelors Degree of Science inĀ  Engineering. I spent several years in the engineering field for automotive production machining shops. All the while, still restoring cars for myself and others. In 2004 I decided it was time to restore cars full time and instantly had a back log of work. Then I added on to the existing shop and required helpers. Currently I have 3 well experienced helpers and a steady work flow. Each of us totally enjoy what we are doing!

CCR not only provides service to our immediate area but the entire USA. We have had customers in California to Florida to Michigan, and in between.

Every job gets several pictures showing the work being done and allows for continuous updates or to show progress being made. The amount of time a restoration takes, all depends on the work required and level of restoration.

Thanks for your consideration and looking at my site.

Steve Kovacs